About Us

Our Mission Statement

The Portland Peace Choir strives to exemplify the principles of peace,  equality,  justice,  stewardship of the Earth,  unity and cooperation.  We sing music from diverse cultures and traditions to inspire peace in ourselves,  our families,  our communities,  and the world.  The Portland Peace Choir welcomes all voices

Our New Interim Director, Ruth Reding Hoffart

Our Accompanist, Naomi Keiko Andress

Naomi “Keiko” (pronounced “Cake-oh”—and yes, that’s the real-life name of the killer whale from Free Willy) Andress has been playing piano all her life since she began plonking the keys on her parents’ old upright as a toddler. She is classically trained and has a decade’s worth of combined experience as a choir accompanist and church pianist. For the past four years she has had the privilege of accompanying the Cherry Park United Methodist Church Choir under the direction of Jesse Cromer and looking forward to working with him in the Portland Peace Choir as well! In addition to playing for the Cherry Park choir and the PPC, Keiko also plays keyboards in a couple bands with her friends in indie-pop-rock projects the Great State and Tiny Little Empire. Keiko is also a Lewis & Clark Law School grad aspiring to eventually practice immigration law. She is very excited and grateful for the opportunity to play piano for the PPC as it seeks to promote peace through music!

The Portland Peace Choir is fortunate and very pleased to have Jesse as our Music Director and Keiko as our Piano Accompanist.