Portland Peace Choir

The Portland Peace Choir is a Community Choir in Portland, OR.

WELCOME ~ In 2009 some singers who were interested in promoting peace through music decided to form a choir with a mission to share their light by singing songs of peace. These songs would bond both the choir and those that heard them in the spirit of peace.

The choir would be open to everyone, only a commitment to sing and memorize new songs. Sheet music would be provided along with an online “green room” for listening and downloading songs in each of the four part harmonies.

We have now enjoyed nearly ten years of singing together and open our hearts to you to join us. Browse through our website and please do come to a concert or a rehearsal.

Music and peace are such a special part of our lives that we need to honor them. This is your chance. Please take it.

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*** Please note, we NOW HAVE 501(c)3 STATUS, so your contributions will be tax deductible.
Tax ID # 45-2919479

We do greatly appreciate your generosity and are grateful for each and every donation, no matter the size.

You may donate online via Pay Pal which accepts all major credit cards.

Why We Sing


Singing in a Peace Choir is about much more than making music. It’s a radical act of optimism and knowing that what we do makes a difference. It builds community. We who sing in the Portland Peace Choir believe in what we are singing. We see our music as a path to creating more peace, not only in our own lives, but for our families, our neighbors, our communities and the world.

We sing to lessen our own isolation. We sing to feel connection, to belong and to feel joy. We sing to learn new languages, to honor sacred traditions, to heal our wounds. We sing to promote peace.

All experience and skill levels are welcome in our community choir.  Basses and tenors are especially needed! The Portland Peace Choir does not have any religious or political affiliations.

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*Dues for membership in the choir are $30 per month with first month (September) dues at only $15. All are welcome to sing with the choir regardless of ability to pay dues. Scholarships are available to those who need them.



Upcoming Events


One Voice

Saturday, May 20th, 2023
7:00 pm
Trinity United Methodist Church
3915 S.E. Steele St., Portland, OR

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Choir Practice:
Wednesday evenings from 7-9 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)

Rehearsal venue:

Waverly United Church of Christ 
3300 SE Woodward St.
Portland, OR 97202

Although the Waverly United Church of Christ enthusiastically supports our mission, Portland Peace Choir is not affiliated with Waverly or any other religious or political organization.

*All Portland Peace Choir singers and guests must provide proof of having received two COVID vaccinations to attend rehearsals. Be sure to bring your vaccination card or a photo of it. The wearing of masks is encouraged but will remain optional at this time.

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